We do all we can to help the club be an agent for social change and further socially progressive values and issues.

Previous work includes our Football for Food campaign, where the club encouraged players, management and supporters from both teams alongside the general public to come to our home games not only to watch a good game of grassroots football but also to bring donations of food that we then pass onto the Sheffield Food Collective who distribute it to the four Sheffield food banks they work with: Fir Vale, Parson Cross, Firth Park and S20. The campaign was also about raising awareness of the extent of food poverty, the reasons for why more and more people are going to food banks to not only help increase the donations but also tackle any misconceptions and stigma for why food banks exist. Via this, we collected 870 kilograms of food at 24 events. You can read more about this here.

We are now developing links with the trade union movement to look at tackling one of the main causes of food bank growth and use, which is low pay and poor working conditions and the benefits of trade union membership when counteracting this. You can read more about this and our #UnityForAll campaign here. Through the club, trade union members can access discounts on player subscriptions and Ultras membership.