Kick a Ball Challenge


Thanks for wanting to include women whatever their fitness/ability, it’s a very encouraging environment.

The Kick a Ball Challenge was funded by The Fresghate Trust Foundation and aimed to engage women over 16 years old who had never kicked a ball before in beginner/development type football activity. We asked women to “Take The Pledge” (#TakeThePledge) and commit to kicking a football for the first time. The fund also helped with building momentum for the start of our 5-a-side team and developing our 11-a-side team.

We engaged our first team players in mentoring the new players, with the first team providing coaching support and advice ending in a 5-a-side game between two teams mentored by different first team players. The grant was essential for helping us market and promote the club through assisting with the purchasing of marketing materials to engage more women in the club as footballers and volunteers. It also helped with purchasing much needed equipment to help with the running of fun and well resourced training sessions.

The sessions were so successful that some of those engaged through the sessions went on to run their own training sessions at the centre. Most of the women engaged have carried on to our Satellite Programme at Hillsborough College too, involved with the development of the 5-a-side team.

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