Neil Hudgell Trust Grant


Neil Hudgell Trust grant enabled us to purchase much needed resources and equipment for the club to develop and sustain. The grant helped us with achieving the following outcomes:

*We were able to ensure that we could play league games by covering costs for additional items and expenses to complete our first team home and away kit. This therefore has seen 24 women play registered 11-a-side football.
*We were able to purchase additional items for training that has assisted with our provision of beginner/intermediate football training at The U-Mix Centre where women that have little to no experience playing football have taken part, increasing their fitness, health, skills, confidence alongside meeting other women.
*The items have also enabled us to run advanced drills for our first team training, alongside incorporating fitness, helping with our first team training sessions that have taken place at Hillsborough College.

In sum, through the grant we have been able to run training sessions that are varied and fun, including focus on fitness as well as routine drills that have improved the women’s involved skill, fitness and also related confidence alongside offering varying opportunities for the women to get involved in football either as a beginner or in a competitive 11-a-side sense.

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