Solidarity Soccer

Our award-winning Solidarity Soccer programme is about showing how football can reflect life, that it can be a positive force for change and help people learn valuable life lessons and apply these in other contexts.

Started as an inclusive “co-ed” concept at local parks during AFC Unity manager Jay Baker’s time in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, Solidarity Soccer has been developed with co-founder Jane Watkinson to emphasise that football can be a force for good, increasing confidence in life and interpersonal skills and body image, improving health and fitness whilst breaking down barriers and divisions that exist in society.

We engage women who have never kicked a ball before, wanting to return after an injury or regain fitness or women who are wanting to get more football practice in. It is an innovative form of football training where we use technology, have digital awards and help with personalised aims that women who join set. As part of the session, we run “Tech and Tekkers” where every month women are taught a new footballing technical skill (Tekkers) – such as the Cruyff Turn, stepover, Zidane/Maradona Turn, or rollover – with the women’s development captured using technology (Tech) to produce a short video each month.

To get involved please get in contact.