2014/2015 Season Statistics

Below are a selection of tables summing up AFC Unity’s first year in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Women’s County Football League, Division 3 2014/2015 season.

Final League Table

End of season table

Fixtures and Results

All results from season

Match Reports

28/09/14: L AFC Unity 0-7 Beighton Magpies (SHWCFL3)

05/10/14: W New Bohemians 2-7 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

12/10/14: W Brampton Rovers 3-4 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

19/10/14: W Hemsworth Miners Welfare South 4-5 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

26/10/14: D AFC Unity 3-3 New Bohemians (SHWCFL3)

02/11/14: D AFC Unity 1-1 Rotherham United Development (SHWCFL3)

09/11/14: L Rotherham United Development 3-0 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

16/11/14: L AFC Unity 0-7 Dearne & District (County Cup)

23/11/14: L AFC Unity 0-2 Brampton Rovers (SHWCFL3)

30/11/14: L Sheffield Wednesday Development 5-2 AFC Unity (Krukowski Cup)

14/12/14: W AFC Unity 8-0 Greasbrough (SHWCFL3)

04/01/15: W Greasbrough 2-4 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

11/01/15: W AFC Unity 3-1 Rotherham United Development (SHWCFL3)

25/01/15: W AFC Unity 5-2 Hemsworth Miners Welfare South (SHWCFL3)

08/02/15: L AFC Unity 1-8 Beighton Magpies (SHWCFL3)

22/02/15: W AFC Unity 5-2 Hemsworth Miners Welfare South (SHWCFL3)

08/03/15: W New Bohemians 0-2 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

16/04/15: L Beighton Magpies 8-0 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

19/04/15: L Brampton Rovers 5-1 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

26/04/15: W Greasbrough 1-5 AFC Unity (SHWCFL3)

Player Season Totals

Player season totals

Team Season Totals

Team results summarised for season

Team Stats

Team stats summary

League Top Goal Scorers (AFC Unity had 3 in the top 15!)

league top goalscorers

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